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Alison Cloud manages and controls devices

Alison Cloud by Alphacom Finland Oy is a value-added service for enterprise device management based on Microsoft’s cloud technologies (Office 365, Azure AD and Intune). The service centrally manages and controls all devices (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X), their applications and settings from single and smart cloud portal. In other words, there is no need for physical servers anymore.

The setup of Alison Cloud device management is very easy, fast and user-friendly, and it can be implemented gradually in larger organizations.

Because of the modern cloud architecture, VPN connections are not needed. This is very convenient particularly because of users’ mobility needs.

Alphacom has developed several add-on modules based on Intune which expand its functionalities to the completely new level. So for instance System Center Configuration Manager by Microsoft and other similar tools such as N-central by SolarWinds are often unnecessary since everything related to enterprise device management can be executed with Alison Cloud.

Device management

Diversity of devices is large and they include increasingly business critical information. For the sake of information security alone, it is crucial to identify what devices each user possesses.

Service extensions

Alison Cloud also contains add-on features for service organizations. Service Request application by Alphacom and TeamViewer for remote access are intelligently packed together.

Software asset inventory

When you are using Alison Cloud you have all the information available of the utilized applications, their versions and updates. You pay only for what you use.

Centralized management

Device management, application and update distribution, standardization, control, inventory and device register, as well as the information security are all managed centrally.

Software updates

Users do not have to worry about updating their applications since verified and tested versions are securely updated to each device by Alison Cloud Service.

Easy deployment

Deploying Alison Cloud is extremely fast and simple. The service is available within a few hours from order confirmation. A single device is connected to it in a few minutes.

Decision makers

Where to invest own resources and what tasks to outsource are strategic questions for every organization. Benefits from IT and its management should have special attention when the efficiency and productivity is to be increased. An obvious and easy decision is to move the management of devices and their software to Alison Cloud.

IT professionals

You can try to excel in all different aspects of IT, but still lot of working hours are spend with basic routine maintenance tasks. When the maintenance of hardware and software requires less effort, more time is left for organizational implementation and innovating new IT solutions and applications. Your work becomes less frustrating and more versatile.



In many companies users are wasting lots of hours on struggling with their computers and other devices when trying to update software and getting support from the Help Desk. When service requests are done with a user-friendly app and updates are managed centrally, plenty of time will be released for the more productive work.

"To support the business you need a solid IT infrastructure. You can't get satisfied customers without it."

Lars Albäck

Managing Director
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy

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You should free up your time for more important tasks such as development and let Alison Cloud take care of your device related support services routine work.

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As an example our user-friendly service request application for remote management enables you to provide your customers an excellent IT service experience.