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Alison Cloud manages and controls devices

Alison Cloud replaces traditional labor-intensive device management tasks. This automated solution has a sophisticated deployment and release management and it offers real-time data on inventory. It is utilising Microsoft's cloud services and technologies.

The service centrally manages and controls devices, their installed applications and settings.

Easy deployment

Deploying Alison Cloud is fast and simple. The service is available within a few hours from the confirmed order. A single device is connected to it in a few minutes.

Everything is centralized

Device management, application and update distribution, standardization, control, inventory and device register, as well as the information security are all managed centrally.

A support you can trust

You will never be left alone with your problems, service requests are easy to make and our Help Desk replies promptly. No time is wasted, the information on every device is available.

Device management

The diversity of devices is large and they include more and more business critical information. For the sake of Information Security alone, it is crucial to know what devices each user has.

Software management

When you are using Alison Cloud, you can be assured that you have all the information available of the applications in use, their versions and updates. You pay only for what you use.

Updating applications

Users do not have to worry about updating their applications, because with Alison Cloud tested and verified versions are updated to each device securely.

Decision maker

Where to invest own resources and what tasks to outsource is a strategic question for every organization. Benefits from IT and its management should have special attention when the efficiency and productivity is to be increased. An obvious and easy decision is to move devices to Alison Cloud.

IT expert

You can try to excel in all different aspects of IT, but still lot of working hours are spend with basic routine maintenance tasks. When the maintenance of systems requires less effort, more time is left for organizational implementation and innovating new systems and applications. Your work becomes less frustrating and more versatile.



In many companies users are wasting a lot of hours fighting with their computers trying to update software and getting support from the Help Desk. When support requests are done with a user-friendly all-present app and updates are managed centrally, much more time will be available for the actual work.

"To support the business you need a solid IT infrastructure. You can't get satisfied customers without it."

Lars Albäck

Managing Director
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy

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Become an Alison Cloud Partner

You should free up your time for more important tasks such as development and let Alison Cloud take care of your device related support services routine work.

Become our partner, just call 010 397 3000 and we'll work together to find out how you could exploit Alison Cloud in your customer service.

As an example our user-friendly service request application for remote management enables you to provide your customers an excellent IT service experience.